Anti-Fraud Management

Protect Your Business with Advanced Real-Time Fraud Monitoring and Detection.

Real-Time Payment Fraud Monitoring

At PayU, we provide robust real-time payment fraud monitoring for all payment methods vulnerable to fraud, especially card payments. Our advanced system ensures that each transaction is thoroughly scrutinized, with 1% of transactions being manually verified to prevent potential losses for merchants. Our comprehensive monitoring approach detects and stops fraudulent activities before they impact your business, ensuring that your transactions are secure.

Anti-Fraud Management

Advanced Fraud Detection Using Rule-Based and Scoring Systems

Our sophisticated fraud detection system utilizes both rule-based and scoring mechanisms powered by machine learning. This dual approach allows us to create targeted rules that can be immediately acted upon. By incorporating data enrichers, such as geo-localization, we gain deeper insights into transactions, enhancing the accuracy of fraud detection. We also offer calibration services in collaboration with merchants to fine-tune the system to specific business needs. Additionally, we track false positives and false negatives to continuously improve the precision of our detection capabilities.

Enhancing Business Efficiency and Buyer Experience

PayU’s anti-fraud management system is designed to support business growth while providing a seamless buyer experience. By reducing false positive rates, we increase transaction volume and processing capacity, allowing your business to operate efficiently without compromising on security. Our sophisticated analysis of purchase patterns, powered by machine learning models, adapts to evolving fraud trends, offering more precise segmentation of both existing and new payers. This ensures better precision, higher processing capacity, and a superior buyer experience, making PayU the optimal choice for your business’s fraud management needs.

PayU GPO Anti-Fraud Management


Better precision

Increase TV through lower false positive rate.


Higher processing capacity

Supports the needs of the business.


Sophisticated analysis of purchase patterns

Model based vs. rule based.


Machine learning model

Adapts to the fraud patterns observed.


Better buyer experience

More precise segmentation of existing / new payers.

Anti-Fraud Management FAQ (4)

How does PayU’s real-time fraud monitoring work?

PayU’s real-time fraud monitoring system analyzes each transaction using advanced algorithms and machine learning to detect suspicious activities. It also includes manual verification of 1% of transactions to prevent potential losses, ensuring comprehensive protection.

What types of fraud detection methods does PayU use?

We employ a combination of rule-based and scoring systems powered by machine learning. This allows us to create targeted rules, use data enrichment like geo-localization, and calibrate with merchants to enhance accuracy in fraud detection.

How does PayU’s system improve transaction security and buyer experience?

By reducing false positives, our system increases transaction volume and processing capacity. This ensures a seamless buyer experience while maintaining high security standards through sophisticated analysis and precise segmentation of payers.

Can PayU’s fraud detection system adapt to new fraud patterns?

Yes, our machine learning models continuously adapt to evolving fraud patterns. This allows us to stay ahead of new threats and provide ongoing protection for your business.