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Apple Pay – A seamless Way to Pay Online

Discover the simplicity of Apple Pay for seamless in-app and online payments. Integrate Apple Pay seamlessly with PayU GPO and provide your online customers with a hassle-free, secure, and dependable method for making effortless mobile payments. Say goodbye to lengthy payment forms and enhance transaction speed with the convenience of Apple Pay.

Apple Pay Benefits

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Increased conversion rates

Apple Pay streamlines the credit card process, reducing friction and potential cart abandonment barriers. Increase your conversion rates as customers find the payment process quick and easy.

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Advanced security

Apple Pay uses advanced security features such as biometric authentication (Touch ID or Face ID) and tokenization. Protect your sensitive payment information, reduce the risk of fraud, and increase overall transaction security.

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Global Reach

Apple Pay has a broad global reach, making it accessible to many users. By offering Apple Pay you cater to a wider audience, including international customers who prefer this form of payment.

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Mobile Trends

As mobile commerce continues to evolve, keep pace with current consumer behavior by offering mobile-friendly payment options such as Apple Pay.

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Enhanced user experience

Easy access to where customers can purchase at the click of a button enhances the overall user experience. Contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Apple Pay

Why should you offer Apple Pay to your customers?

Integrating modern payment methods like Apple Pay isn’t just about keeping up with the latest technology trends. There are a number of good reasons why adding Apple Pay as a payment option is a great idea for your business.


Improved checkout experience


The most important advantage of using a digital wallet like Apple Pay is that consumers can store credit card details in the app for future purchases. They don’t have to enter payment data each time they check out. The payment process is faster and requires less effort on their part. If it’s easier for customers to make payments, there is a higher chance they will complete the order.


When using Apple Pay, shoppers no longer need to fill in shipping, billing, or payment information. They simply click the “Apple Pay” button and check the purchase order before authorizing it with their fingerprint or face identification.


Customers shopping in web channels won’t feel confused because they will only see the Apple Pay button if they are using a supported Safari browser and have a device compatible with Apple Pay.


Greater security


Apple Pay uses the latest technology to protect financial data during transactions. Apple assigns each added card an encrypted Device Account Number, which is then stored in the Secure Element – a dedicated chip that prevents unauthorized access. 


The customer’s actual credit or debit card numbers are never shared with merchants, minimizing the threat of data theft. Furthermore, every merchant is verified before financial transactions take place. When a buyer clicks “Buy with Apple Pay,” Apple first checks if you are a valid merchant who is authorized to accept Apple Pay transactions.


Reaching more customer segments


As of January 2021, there are 1 billion active iPhones and 1.65 billion Apple devices in active use worldwide. Accepting Apple Pay will give iOS users more options for paying with their preferred digital wallet app in your online store.


Increasing competitiveness


Accepting Apple Pay is a great way to stay competitive in e-commerce, differentiating from competitors that don’t accept it. Offering Apple Pay as a payment option will help you retain more loyal customers who choose your business over your competitors. This helps to increase sales and boost customer engagement.

How to integrate Apple Pay?

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Apple Pay FAQs (3)

What are the devices supported by Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is supported on iPhone 6 and later, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and later, all models of Apple Watch, Safari browser and certain Mac models with Touch ID or Face ID.

How can you integrate Apple Pay with PayU GPO?

Apple Pay integration with PayU offers two paths:

  1. SMBs can use PayU’s payment page without needing an Apple Developer account.
  2. High-volume merchants with an Apple Store app can integrate through their own checkout page or mobile app, requiring an Apple Developer account.

In which countries is Apple Pay used?

Apple Pay is used all over the world by more than 250 million customers, and it’s one of the top 3 digital wallet technologies in use today.