Marketplace Solutions

Fast and secure payments through a single integration, covering multiple countries and payment methods.

How can our marketplace solution support your business?

Our marketplace solutions are designed to empower your business by offering seamless, secure, and scalable payment solutions. With PayU, you can simplify the payment process for your customers and merchants, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction experience.


  • Enhanced User Experience: Single basket and payment for products from multiple merchants.


  • Local Currency Payments: Facilitate transactions in local currencies, enhancing convenience for your customers.


  • Quick Refunds: Process fast refunds, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust.

Global Reach of the Marketplace

Expand your marketplace’s horizons with PayU’s extensive global expertise and reach.


  • Single Integration: Cover Europe and Turkey with one seamless integration.


  • Regional Expertise: Benefit from our experience supporting top marketplaces in Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary.


  • PSD2 Compliance: Ensure your marketplace meets the latest payment service regulations in the European Union.

Marketplace Payment Security

Simple and Secure Payments for Buyers

We prioritize the security and simplicity of payments to enhance your customers’ shopping experience.


  • Unified Payment System: Customers can purchase products from multiple merchants with a single payment.


  • Local Currency Processing: Payments are processed in the local currency, making transactions straightforward and transparent.


  • Rapid Refunds: Customers can receive refunds in just 30 minutes, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Marketplace Within Reach


Automated Merchant Enrollment

Simplify the process of bringing new merchants onto your platform.


Commission Handling

Automatically withhold marketplace commissions, streamlining your financial operations.


Tailored Integration

Our technical integration adapts to your concrete needs, facilitating smooth operation.


Transaction Processing

Efficiently process transactions divided among multiple merchants.


AML and KYC Verification

Ensure compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations for all traders.

How to activate the PayU GPO?

Just 4 simple steps are needed:
  • registration


    Fill out a short form and accept the agreements online. It’s just a few clicks, as most of the data will be completed for you. It couldn’t be easier!

  • verification


    Transfer 48 RON activation fee. Ensure your website lists all products or services before submitting the form. Keep an eye on your inbox for any additional information requests from us. After we check the data and receive our approval, you can start.

  • integration


    Configure payments in our panel. Use the technical documentation of our API or ready-made plugins for all popular e-commerce platforms. Full documentation for developers will allow you to customize payments to the individual needs of your customers. This is the last step for you to fully utilize the attractiveness of our offer.

  • acceptance


    Perform a test transaction and wait for a confirmation message from us informing you that your payments have been successfully activated. After that, you can start using the payment gateway without limitations.