Black Friday 2019 – A New Record

Romanians paid online over 245 million lei for their favorite Black Weekend products

During the weekend of discounts ( 15 – 17 November), Romanians bought and paid online over 245 million lei, up 24% compared to 2018. Taking into account both orders paid online and cash on delivery, Romanians spent over 1.2 billion lei, according to PayU Romania.


In the PayU Romania system, 499,632 transactions were generated, increasing by 33% compared to last year. Approximately 80% of this amount, respectively over 198 million lei, was registered on Friday, November 15.


The golden minute set a new record in terms of online payments: in the period 7: 27-7: 28, 2,140 online payments were registered, almost double compared to last year.


The preferred products remain those in the IT&C category: electronics and appliances


The top of online shopping remains this year dominated by IT&C products, followed by products from the eTail and services category.


The average value of the shopping cart was 484 lei, 18% lower than last year, while the average shopping basket in installments increased by 5% and reached 974 lei.


Over 37% of the total volumes were paid with a card in interest-free installments


39% of the total value of transactions was paid with a single click, increasing by 16%


Romanians have saved their card details on the website or in the application provided by online stores to ensure that they get the desired product quickly, instantly pressing the “pay” button. 39% of the total volumes, more precisely over 95 million lei, were paid with a single click. 28% of the total number of transactions throughout the weekend was paid with a single click, increasing by 25% compared to the previous year.


The average value of the shopping cart in this case was 674 lei.


Top online deals for weekend discounts:


  • The largest online transaction was of 57,949 lei, the shopping cart containing IT&C products On the second place is a transaction of over 47,000 lei
  • On the third place is a transaction of 34,511 lei


Over 21 million lei were spent using a card issued in a foreign country


In the PayU Romania platform, approximately 10% of the total number of online payments made by Black Weekend are transactions made with a card issued in another country, increasing by 71%.


The top 3 countries by the number of online payments registered in the PayU platform is:


United Kingdom – 6.8%
Hungary – 3.7%
USA – 0.5%