Cross-Border Black Friday

Increases for Romanian traders. They sold online in Bulgaria and Hungary worth over 17 million lei

The weekend of big discounts in Bulgaria and Hungary (22-24 November) also brought increasing revenues for Romanian traders this year. PayU platform registered purchases paid online by Bulgarians and Hungarians worth over 17 million lei, increasing by over 16% compared to last year


Black Weekend in Bulgaria and Hungary: 28% more transactions for Romanian traders


On the biggest weekend of discounts, in the PayU platform, Romanian merchants registered 28% more online payments from Bulgaria and Hungary, their number reaching over 69,000.


Black Friday and the extended weekend of discounts in Bulgaria this year generated significant increases for Romanian traders compared to last year. The number of online transactions increased by 10%, reaching 15,507, and the traded volume exceeded the barrier of 10 million lei, by 28% more than last year.


In Hungary, Romanian merchants in the PayU portfolio registered 33% more transactions, reaching 54,851. The average value of the shopping cart in Hungary decreased by 24%, reaching the value of 119 lei.


In the case of Bulgaria, its value increased by 15% and reached the amount of 738 lei. And this year, IT&C and fashion products (clothing, footwear, accessories) remain in the top of preferences across the border.