Instant money back

instant refund service

PayU has developed in partnership with Alpha Bank, for the first time in Europe, Instant Money Back, the first instant money transfer service through which customers who make online payments with a saved card receive in a maximum of 30 minutes the value of returned products within 30 days provided by eMAG.


To benefit from Instant Money Back, customers can use the cards already saved in the eMAG account or save the card when completing the order. Instant Money Back uses Moneysend technology developed together with MasterCard to facilitate fast money transfer between Mastercard or Maestro credit or debit cards and Visa Direct technology developed by Visa to enable fast money transfer on Visa debit and Visa Electron cards.


The service will be available to all customers who pay online orders using a card saved in the eMAG account. Eligible cards must be issued by financial institutions in Romania.