PayU and its leaders, at the forefront of excellence

As PayU is continuously paying attention to the performance and work health throughout the company, we are proud of our achievements, and we celebrate the success of both the company and our leaders.


Elena Gheorghe, since May 2020 the Country Manager of PayU Romania, has been recognized by the industry and media outlets in Romania as a leader to look up to. Elena was featured, for the third time in a row, in “TOP 100 Woman in Power” annual catalogue by Business Magazin and she was nominated in the category “Executive of The Year” by Business Review, two of the most important business publications in Romania.


Throughout her leadership role, Elena has constantly been aware and interested of the global fintech market trends, making a continuous effort to bring the latest and easiest payment solutions and the most favorable business solutions into the Romanian e-commerce market.


Under Elena’s leadership, PayU Romania was also nominated for “Excellence in Business” category at Business Review Gala, on March 6th 2023, alongside with other outstanding players in the Romanian market.“

PayU has contributed to the development of e-commerce in Romania through partnerships with local banks and financial institutions, payment methods with centralized reconciliation, analyses, reports and discussions with decision-makers involved in the transaction process: banks, acquirers, card issuers, authorities and merchant. The company’s mission is the same in all the markets in which it operates: to continue to innovate in online payments and credit, with the ultimate objective of financial and digital inclusion for online merchants and consumers.


PayU has boosted the evolution of e-commerce in Romania by launching innovative solutions for the benefit of online merchants and buyers, among the most well-known being:


  • Installments – the fastest growing online payment method in Romania, which gives merchants access to a base in extended rates, and buyers to the payment methods offered by several local banks.


  • Marketplace: launch of the marketplace model together with eMAG and its continuous optimization. This model gives the end customer the possibility to buy products from several merchants with a single order and thus a single payment.


  • One-click payment, making the payment with one click, for those who have their card saved with PayU, Google Pay or Paypal, a solution that contributes to improving the payment experience and the approval rate.


  • Google Pay, a payment solution that was only available through the browser, from September 2021 is also on the provider’s page; the payment button is found on the PayU page when users are directed to make a payment, but also on the page of merchants that have implemented it.


  • Apple Pay – a digital wallet available for certain browsers and devices (phone and desktop), which allows payments with a saved card and safely store card data.


  • PayOnTime – transactions initiated by merchants for payments based on the acceptance given by the customer.


  • Multicurrency pricing – payment in the buyer’s preferred currency: EUR, USD or GBP.


  • 100% online loans, approved in a few minutes or payment in installments without interest, without the need to have such a card issued by a bank.


  • BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later): credit payment solution that facilitates access to simple, fast and secure online shopping for consumers who do not have immediate options.


  • Fast Refund/Instant Money Back, a project developed by PayU and a unique product in Europe, through which buyers can receive money back for a returned product, within 30 minutes of confirming the return.



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