Clients now benefit from additional payment options

• New payment options for fast and easy online purchases with your stored card: Buy Now Pay Later- buy now, pay in 30 days with no additional costs; SLICE IT- buy now, pay in four instalments with zero interest.

PayU, a provider of online and fintech payment services in the fast-growing emerging markets, has today announced that a new innovative credit payment solution, developed by PayU, is available for Romanian buyers. The eMAG online retailer is the first partner to offer its customers the opportunity to either postpone a payment or to pay in four instalments for all categories of products either in its own offer or for products sold by sellers active on the eMAG Marketplace.

PayU’s credit solution is available to Romanian shoppers in two separate options: Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL), where the shopper postpones the payment for 30 days without any additional costs, and payment in four monthly instalments (SLICE IT), where the first instalment is paid at a transaction date and the rest across a three-calendar month period.

The payment methods are currently available in Beta version for eMAG customers with a history of trading and payment.

In order to use these payment methods, customers must save their payment card in their eMAG account and opt for one of the new payment methods upon completion of their purchase at checkout.

By the end of this year, PayU aims to offer these payment methods to all interested eMAG customers, through a simple enrollment and approval process that requires a minimum of information on their behalf. PayU plans to offer this credit payment solution to all its partners in Romania, in due course, , once it will complete the implementation of the pilot project with eMAG.