PayU Online Credit

A new online payment method

PayU launches PayU Online Credit – a new payment method that gives consumers the opportunity to buy everything they want online at any time and pay when it is convenient for them.


The options provided by the PayU Online Credit service are payment in 30 days and payment in flexible online installments, from 4 to 60 months. The new payment method is launched in partnership with TBI Credit IFN SA, a leader in digital point of sale (POS) financing solutions, part of TBI Bank.


The first merchants in the PayU portfolio to implement this payment method are PC Garage and Flanco, and will be integrated in several PayU partner online stores in the next period.


The purchasing process is a safe, very simple and fast one. Consumers can get an online loan in seconds (starting with the second transaction made through PayU Online Credit).


Payment in installments online through PayU credit


Paying in installments online is one of the preferred payment methods of Romanians. Currently, over 35% of online transactions registered in the PayU system are paid in installments. And the average value of a shopping cart paid in installments can be 75% higher than for those paid by another payment method, during periods of discounts.


Payment in installments online through the PayU credit is available for purchases between 300 lei and 20,000 lei. The number of installments can be between 4 and 60 installments. Consumers will be assigned a credit limit on the first transaction they can use as they wish, in any of PayU’s partner online stores.


Online payment in 30 days


With the new PayU payment method, anyone can pay online for any product or service in 30 days, at no extra cost. The online payment option in 30 days is valid for purchases between 50 * lei and 20,000 lei (* 100 lei for the first transaction).