PayU GPO: Your path to an efficient online payment solution

A payment gateway is the cornerstone of modern electronic commerce. It is a key component that enables businesses and online shops to accept payments from customers for goods and services offered. The payment gateway establishes a connection between the customer making the payment and the merchant selling the products or services. This digital tool is essential in the e-commerce environment and facilitates the processing of electronic payments through various methods.


Choosing the right payment gateway is a crucial step for successful online business. With PayU GPO, you gain a reliable partner who can help increase your revenues and enhance the user experience of your customers.

The PayU GPO payment gateway supports various payment methods, including online card payments, online bank transfers, and digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Thanks to these methods, you can make online purchases conveniently and securely without having to use physical cash.


In summary, the role of a payment gateway in the payment transaction process is crucial. It is a key component that facilitates and mediates the transfer of funds from the customer to the merchant during online purchases.

Why choose the PayU GPO payment gateway?

PayU GPO is not just a payment gateway – it is a partner for your growth and success in online business. Security, speed, a wide selection of payment methods, and easy integration make PayU GPO the ideal companion for your online payments. Whether you run a small e-shop or a large online store, PayU GPO will help streamline your customers’ payments and ensure that your business thrives. Your customers will enjoy fast and secure online payments, allowing you to focus on expanding your online business.

How to activate the PayU GPO online payment gateway?

Just 4 simple steps are needed:
  • registration


    Fill out a short form and accept the agreements online. It’s just a few clicks, as most of the data will be completed for you. It couldn’t be easier!

  • verification


    Transfer …….. activation fee, that’s enough for us to start the verification process. After we check the data from your transfer, you can start accepting payments up to the limit of ……..

  • integration


    Configure payments in our panel. Use the technical documentation of our API or ready-made plugins for all popular e-commerce platforms. Full documentation for developers will allow you to customize payments to the individual needs of your customers. This is the last step for you to fully utilize the attractiveness of our offer.

  • acceptance


    Perform a test transaction and wait for a confirmation message from us informing you that your payments have been successfully activated. After that, you can start using the payment gateway without limitations.