PayU Credit

Maximize Sales, Enhance Customer Experience, and Increase Average Order Value.

What is PayU Credit?

PayU Credit is a cutting-edge financial solution designed to enhance the purchasing power of customers while boosting the sales and revenue of e-commerce businesses. It offers a seamless, fully digital credit experience that allows shoppers to buy now and pay later, or spread their payments over a series of installments, making higher-value purchases more accessible and convenient.


PayU Credit is a powerful tool that bridges the gap between customers’ purchasing power and merchants’ sales goals, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship in the e-commerce ecosystem.

Payment Solutions

Pay in 30 Days: Buy Now, Pay Later

  • Convenient and Cost-Free: Customers have 30 days to try out products and pay to the lender without any additional cost.
  • Easy Repeat Transactions: Simplify the process for repeat customers during the grace period.
  • Flexible Repayment: Offer extensions through a credit limit for added flexibility.

Pay Monthly: Online Installments

  • Fully Online Process: Enjoy the convenience of a completely digital installment setup.
  • Flexible Terms: Offer up to 60 installments, with promotional variants available.
  • Reusable Credit Limit: Customers can flexibly reuse their credit limit for ongoing purchases.
PayU Credit

Benefits of PayU Credit


Boost Sales by Up to 20%

With PayU Credit, you can achieve a substantial increase in sales. Our platform is designed to improve conversion rates, enhance affordability, and attract new customers.


Increase Average Order Value

Our credit solutions can uplift your average order value —potentially up to 10 times higher than traditional payment methods.


100% Online Credit Process

Our fully digital credit process eliminates the need for paper agreements, offering digital signing and a seamless online experience.

PayU Credit FAQ (4)

How does the 100% online credit process work?

The 100% online credit process is fully digital, from application to approval and signing, eliminating the need for paper agreements and making it quick and convenient for customers.

What identification methods are available?

We offer innovative identification methods such as Live ID and self-service 1 Leu transfer to ensure secure and efficient customer verification.

How can I integrate PayU Credit with my e-commerce platform?

Integration is straightforward with a single API, allowing you to seamlessly add PayU Credit solution to your platform.

What are the benefits of offering Buy Now, Pay Later to my customers?

Buy Now, Pay Later gives your customers the flexibility to pay within 30 days, increasing their purchasing power and potentially boosting your sales and customer satisfaction.