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PayU: The Leader in Online Payments

Leading the Way with Major Brands

PayU is the premier online payment processor in Romania, partnering with the biggest brands in the region and extending our reach to nearby countries. Our reputation is built on delivering superior service and results, consistently achieving higher authorization rates for our clients. With a robust infrastructure and innovative solutions, we support businesses in maximizing their online payment success.


Unmatched Security and Certification

Security is paramount at PayU. We are a PCI DSS Level 1 Certified processor, ensuring that all transactions are conducted with the highest level of security. This certification reflects our commitment to safeguarding sensitive data and providing a secure environment for online transactions. Additionally, as a licensed Payment Institution, we adhere to strict regulatory standards, offering peace of mind to our clients.

Local Knowledge and Expertise

Deep Understanding of the Romanian Market

Our extensive knowledge of the Romanian e-commerce market and trends sets us apart. We stay ahead of local regulatory and compliance requirements, simplifying the process for businesses. This local expertise translates into better fraud management, as we maintain close relationships with banks and financial institutions, enhancing our ability to protect your business from fraudulent activities.


Optimized Fraud Management

With a profound understanding of the local landscape, we provide superior fraud management solutions. Our close ties with regional banks allow us to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions effectively, ensuring your business remains secure. Our tailored approach to fraud prevention leverages local insights to offer unparalleled protection.

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Patented Routing Engine

Our US-patented Smart Routing Engine automatically routes each payment through the optimal location to maximize approval rates and minimize fees, based on routing criteria defined by the merchant.


Instant Retry

PayU’s Instant Retry Feature can automatically “retry” declined transactions, by re-routing the transaction through a different provider. Merchants can leverage Instant Retry to overcome false declines and recover lost revenue.


Advanced Analytics

Follow all global payments in one place. Via a common dashboard, merchants can track approval rates and other metrics, benchmark payment methods and providers, and easily leverage insights to optimize payment performance.

The Largest Payment Method Portfolio in Romania

Comprehensive Payment Solutions

PayU offers the most extensive range of payment methods in Romania, catering to diverse customer preferences. Our advanced merchant interface provides detailed analytics and reporting in multiple languages, helping you make informed decisions and optimize your operations.


Smart Routing and API Integration

Our smart routing mechanism, developed in collaboration with merchants, ensures seamless transaction processing. With our versatile API and hosted responsive payment page, we provide auto-detection of payment methods, enhancing user experience and conversion rates. While a local entity for card and APM processing is unnecessary, having a presence within the European Economic Area facilitates smoother operations and market expansion.


Market Expansion Made Easy

PayU’s market solution enables easy access to neighboring markets like Hungary and Bulgaria, broadening your business horizons. Our localized approach ensures that you can efficiently navigate regional specifics, making cross-border transactions simple and effective.

PayU for business

The Most Resilient Payment Solution on the Market

Expert Handling of High-Peak Periods

PayU is renowned for its resilience and reliability, particularly during high-peak periods like Black Friday. Our experience in managing backup solutions and real-time scenarios ensures that your business can handle large transaction volumes without a hitch. With connectivity to three data centers, four gateways, and fourteen acquirers, we guarantee seamless transaction processing.


High-Volume Transaction Capacity

Our infrastructure is designed to handle over 3,000 transactions per minute, making us one of the most robust payment processors available. This capability ensures that your business can operate smoothly, even during the most demanding times.