Why Work With Us?

Boost your sales with comprehensive payment solutions across Europe

Diverse Payment Methods

Our payment solutions are designed to provide flexibility and convenience, catering to a wide range of customer preferences and enhancing your business’s ability to convert and retain customers.

Multiple Options:

  • Bank transfers header Bank transfers header

    Bank Transfers

    Offer your customers the security and familiarity of direct bank transfers.

  • Digital Wallets header Digital Wallets header

    Digital Wallets

    Simplify transactions with popular e-wallet options, making payments quick and easy.

  • Google Pay Google Pay

    Google Pay

    Enable fast, contactless payments via one of the most popular mobile payment services.

  • Apple Pay Apple Pay

    Apple Pay

    Provide a seamless payment experience for Apple users with this secure and convenient mobile payment option.

  • Multi-currency pricing header Multi-currency pricing header

    Multi-Currency Pricing

    For cards issued outside RO, allowing payments in EUR, USD, GBP, with clear FX amounts.

Unique Features and Products

Advanced Technology and Support

Smart Routing Mechanism: Agreed rules with the merchant in the 3DS 2.0 context, optimizing transaction success.


Alerts for Malfunctions: Proactive alerts for banks and merchants, boosting conversion rates by up to 10%.


High Authorization Rate: Lower refund incidence by up to 10%, ensuring a smoother transaction process.


Industry-Specific Features: Including partial capture and backup solutions for high peaks like Black Friday.

PayU why work with us

Optimization of operational costs and flows


Single financial flow

One settlement for all payment methods processed by PayU, optimizing operational costs and flows, with 20 transaction and payout currencies.



Automated/ optimized processes for sellers onboarding, single basket with split option, single payment, independence for retaining seller’s fees.


Control Panel

Advanced interface for analytics and reporting in multiple languages, which offers visibility over transactions/ payouts/ invoices/ technical settings/ analytics dashboards, etc.


Chargeback managment system

Recovering revenue lost to chargebacks while analyzing your chargeback data to prevent future chargebacks from occurring.


Anti Fraud Managment System

Real time payment fraud monitoring, 1% of transactions being verified manually and stopped from being recorded as loss for merchants.